Lash Extensions

Classic lash extensions

Single eyelash extension is individually applied to a single natural eyelash. This process enhances your existing lashes by adding length and curl.
Full set $195
2 - 3 weeks fill $105
4 weeks fill $125


Hybrid lash Extensions

“Hybrid” is an application method that provides fabulous fullness and gorgeous texture while strategically combining classic and volume lash applications across your lash line. 
Full set $250
2 - 3 weeks fill $115
4 weeks fill $135


Russian Volume 2D - 3D set

Russian volume set creates a very beautiful look. It's a combination of 2D-3D volume lashes. It adds lengths and volume to each of your natural lashes.
Full set $305
2 - 3 weeks: $120
4 - 5 weeks $145