Niki Babyak, L.E, A.S.

Niki Babyak L.E., A.S.

Niki approaches the field of beauty and wellness through a biological lens, as she has a formal background and Associate’s degree in Biology. Beauty and science have interested Niki since she was young, so she decided to pursue Esthetics with the goal of making all feel empowered, educated, and effortlessly beautiful. Niki understands the biological basis of skin and specializes in facial and brow treatments. She felt it was important to gain CDC certifications in LGBT Populations and Organized Cultural Competence to serve anyone who enters the treatment room. 

Being an intentional and inviting professional, Niki is eager to exceed client expectations. In her free time, you can find Niki exploring new skincare and makeup, collecting new music to DJ, or journaling her daily intentions.

“To be beautiful means to be yourself…” Thich Nhat Hahn