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Sodashi Brightening Face Drops 30 ml

Sodashi Brightening Face Drops 30 ml


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Reduces Acne | Decongests |Instantly Brightens

The Sodashi Brightening Face Drops can instantly brighten and revitalise weary, dull skin. With its citrus-infused composition, skin is thoroughly cleansed of pollutants and pore-clogging detritus, restoring its shine and structure.

While lime, lavender, and lemon oils brighten skin and lift sebum, a blend of vibrant, energising essential oils enlivens and wakes the senses.



  • Reduces Acne
  • Decongests
  • Instantly Brightens


How to use

A warm compress treatment for morning and evening. After cleansing, add 4 drops to a basin(about 1 litre) of very warm water. Immerse the 100% Muslin Face Cloth, squeeze out and compress onto the face, allowing the steam to soothe your skin. Repeat 3-4 times to exfoliate and revitalise.

*Do not apply drops directly to the skin.