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Sodashi Plant Essence Replenish Mask 50 ml

Sodashi Plant Essence Replenish Mask 50 ml


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Luxurious hydration meets contouring results!

Lemongrass tightens and firms the skin, while mineral-rich seaweed and kelp increase circulation and toxin discharge. The tummy, back, legs, and upper arms are just a few of the areas where Contouring Body Gel profoundly moisturises and gently detoxifies. Rich plant essences and marine extracts work together to balance the lymphatic system and visibly diminish the appearance of cellulite.

Your skin will feel and seem toned and glossy after treatment.


How to Use

After showering or exfoliating, apply a small amount (1 Teaspoon) to affected areas to tone and smooth skin. Use daily and can be used morning and evening.

Follow with enlivening Body Lotion.


Key Benefits

Apply a small amount (1 Teaspoon) to the troubled areas after showering or exfoliating to tone and smooth the skin. Use each day, both in the morning and the evening.

Apply enlivening Body Lotion next.



Use stimulating massage techniques when applying the gel to encourage blood circulation & lymphatic drainage.

The use of a dry body brush prior to application, will also enhance the result.