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Sodashi Eye & Lip Smoother 30 ml

Sodashi Eye & Lip Smoother 30 ml


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Targets Eye Puffiness | Banishes Dark Under Eye Circles | Restores Elasticity | Firms and Targets Fine Lines

This collagen-boosting solution restores moisture to the delicate eye and lip areas and is an ultra-nourishing combination of Vitamin A-rich Rosehip, Centella, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E.

This mild lotion firms, reduces fine wrinkles, and addresses eye puffiness by encouraging skin cell renewal. Use twice daily to deeply hydrate the area around the lips and eyes.

Key Benefits

reduces the appearance of ageing around the lips and eyes. skin around the eyes is firmed.

Enhances collagen production (the area around the eyes lacks oil glands, thus it's important to nourish this area).

Plumping outcome.

Excellent for treating or preventing wrinkles around the mouth as well as chapped lips.


How to Use

Apply sparingly, morning and evening, under the eyes and over the brow bone.

Also apply on and around the lips.



Also use as a primer before lipstick or balm.

For a quick “pick me up”, apply a small amount of the Eye and Lip Smoother around the eyes during the day.

This product plumps the skin and has an immediate, visible effect on fine lines.

Carry in your hand bag for the treatment/ prevention of dry lips.

We’ve even had feedback this helps to heal cold sores.