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Swissline Force Vitale Aqua-Pure Clarifying Serum 30 ml

Swissline Force Vitale Aqua-Pure Clarifying Serum 30 ml

Swiss Line

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Cleanse, exfoliate, and refine ores.

An intense, oil-free serum that targets pollutants and blemishes for troublesome, acne-prone skin.

It combines an exfoliating compound that clears clogged pores, lessens blackheads and blemishes, and inhibits sebum production with ingredients to treat troubled skin.

Open pores appear to be reduced, and the skin feels balanced and purified with a more refined texture.


Removes excess sebum and dead cell debris that has clogged pores and protects them from clogging again.

refines pores and lessens acne scarring already present.

calms and lessens redness brought on by imperfections and blemishes.


Lightweight gel-serum texture

Worry: Acne scars Blemishes oil management

Oily skin type Acne-prone

Smell: Mild flowery


To acclimate the skin, apply the serum first solely at night for a week.

The serum should be applied in the morning and evening following this initial period.

It should be used in conjunction with other Aqua-Pure products to get the best benefits; the serum should always be used before the Aqua-Pure Mattifying Cream.

Make careful to keep your lips and eyes away from the serum application region.

The serum can be taken every other day rather than daily in cases of oversensitivity.