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Sodashi Rejuvenating Face & Neck Moisturiser 100 ml

Sodashi Rejuvenating Face & Neck Moisturiser 100 ml


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Skin Repair | Antioxidant-Rich | Firming | Diminishes Fine Lines

Rich in antioxidants and super-hydrating plant oils and extracts, this anti-ageing cream smooths and tones skin as it seriously moisturises. Macadamia and Avocado oils protect against free radical damage, Rosewood supports cell renewal whilst Geranium and Sandalwood combine to minimise lines and even the complexion. This luxurious pure botanical formula absorbs quickly to leave skin radiant and plumped.


Key Benefits

This rejuvenating face cream is rich in natural antioxidants and vitamins – important to prevent skin damage from free radicals (environmental and chemical pollutants). It also helps support cell renewal and evens the complexion. 


How to Use

Press the Rejuvenating Neck and Face Moisturiser into the skin rather than massaging to stimulate lymphatic system and give a more toned finish. 


The Rejuvenating Face and Neck Moisturiser is the first ever Sodashi product and still going strong!  

In summer, apply your Sodashi Skin Boost over the top of your moisturiser to give you a matte finish, and maximum absorption of your moisturiser and all it’s vital nutrients for your skin. 

This product is great in humid climates because it’s light and easily absorbed.