Sodashi Travel Botanical Energizing Mist 1.7ml

Sodashi Travel Botanical Energizing Mist 1.7ml


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a natural stress reliever that uses the finest botanical components to revive your body and mind. A moisturizing and energising face mist is necessary for any facial routine. Delicious botanical face spray by Sodashi gently tones, calms, and hydrates the complexion. They leave skin feeling wonderful and looking fresh, glowing, and full.

Bergamot and patchouli uplift your spirit, while lavender soothes your soul. In addition to enhancing your mood and giving equilibrium to your soul, geranium is a natural tonic for your body. Put your eyes closed and enjoy the beauty of plants.

BENEFITS: A healthy nervous system tonic

alleviates melancholy and anxiety

uses the adrenal cortex as a target to lessen stress

treats the signs of sluggishness

suitable for all types of skin