La Fervance

What sets LA FERVANCE apart from every other skincare brand?

Establishing a new philosophy in luxury skincare, LA FERVANCE combines sustainably foraged botanicals with scientific integrity to deliver a sensory beauty experience like no other.

Clean, slow and ethical, LA FERVANCE is a Parisian legacy in heart and soul, yet its origins hail from salty coastlines of Australia. After igniting a love affair with French culture, ethos and nature, Founder Melissa Obeid and her husband Jamie Arnold uprooted their lives in Melbourne to disrupt the luxury beauty industry with an idea that not only amplified results using 100% natural and sustainably-sourced ingredients, but also offered a simplified, one-step skincare routine for all.

To Melissa, the symbiotic relationship between French and Australian beauty comes down to a “less is more” doctrine. It’s natural, minimalistic and effortless. LA FERVANCE embodies this approach through its highly concentrated formulas with multi-functional uses and textures, complemented by bespoke 100% natural scents that were hand-sourced by Melissa herself in Grasse.

By respecting the integrity of its ingredients, packaging – which is 100% recyclable and French-made -, culture and usage, the one-of-a-kind and innovative Fusionistique Skincare™ philosophy behind LA FERVANCE is the reason why it has become a trusted luxury skincare brand globally.

Hand-Sourced Natural Ingredients In Their Purest Form

Rarely seen within the beauty industry, LA FERVANCE sustainably sources natural active ingredients from boutique producers across the world, and integrates them their highest possible concentrations.

The heartfelt ethos of best practice transcends the apothecary of the products themselves, extending to the savoir faire of the packaging and perfume, to the complete traceability and story of each and every ingredient – where the provenance can go from source to skin in its purest form.

A Family’s Pursuit of Excellence

The founders of LA FERVANCE have committed their lives to the project, maintaining complete direction and essence of the brand themselves. From research and development, to packaging and distribution, they have relentlessly refused to compromise on any aspect of their formulations to ensure absolute integrity from start to finish.

The pursuit of excellence began for Melissa and Jamie in a Bastide in Provence called LA FERVANCE. Away from the security and comfort of their coastal Melbourne home, the Obeid family sought out leading French cosmeticians, botanists, chemists and agriculturalists to ensure their luxury skincare brand – named affectionately after their first home in France – not only delivered exceptional results, but built a long-lasting reputation within the community.

Stepping Towards Slow Beauty

LA FERVANCE invites you to take a breath, embrace an easier ritual, and discover the effortless effectiveness of ‘slow beauty’.

With the duality of our products, your skincare routine is streamlined while becoming more mindful – relieving the unnecessary stress and waste that can come a ten- or twelve-step approach.

The crucial component to Slow Beauty, however, is incorporating eco-conscious practices in every step of the supply chain, from ingredient sourcing through to packaging. Harvesting botanicals at nature’s own pace and supporting boutique family farms in the process, LA FERVANCE formulations usher in a new era of natural products with data-driven results.

A sensory world of Fusionistique Skincare™ awaits, it’s time for you to enjoy a decadently immersive routine with products that leave the world – and yourself – in a symbiotic state.

Our COSMOS certification proves our commitment to our products of integrity, our community of suppliers and the environment we live in.