March 2023


"CURE de Repos founder, Chrissy Dress brings her personal touch and years of R&D by breathing life into her first product ever; The CURE Winter Cream. Bring home her ultimate boutique spa experience with this clean emollient cream. Leaves skin feeling hydrated, smoother, and nourished. Of-course you can expect this cream to be Clean, Vegan, and cruelty-free."


Chrissy has been formulating this special cream for many years. CURE Winter cream will be available for preorder online and in store this month!Ask for a sample at your next visit!As a licensed Aesthetician, Chrissy knows your skin barrier may be particularly compromised by the elements of Winter, Dry climates, and frequent travel. However a healthy skin barrier is crucial year-round and can help support better treatment outcomes. Winter Cream is perfect for day or nighttime on dry skin year-round, or for the "recovery night" in skin cycling.