Ariel Monroe

Ariel Monroe, L.M.T.

Ariel joins us with 10+ years of experience with helping others recalibrate and relax while realizing their potential. Ariel is a transplant from South-Western New Jersey; has traveled around the world for study and leisure; and recently settled into Germantown to be close to the lush Wissahickon. Ariel identifies as non-binary and is a fierce ally and supporter to victims of various trauma, violence and displacement due to various life circumstances. As a Reiki Master, Ariel engages with energy work daily; as an accomplished Licensed Massage Therapist, they are well-versed with Therapeutic, Swedish, Myofascial, Prenatal and Postnatal, Sports, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Chair Massage, and Cupping; are a Certified Sound Healer; offer Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Meditation Facilitation. When not working, they love experimenting with sound, vibration, textures, colors, and flavors, attending live immersive experiences, and all things creative.