We are so excited by the specials this month. Babor has created a line of ampoules called FESTIVAL, and they have hit this one out of the ball park. Oxy Detox, Energy Load, Chill Out, Hydra Glow, Recharge Now and Lifting Star. They are super fab for your skin and make amazing gifts for anyone, anywhere. 

I love the ampoules because I can change up my skin care without having to purchase new serums & creams. And that makes me and my skin happy!

We have a special Chill Out facial, which features Hemp oil which will leave your skin and your senses "peace out".

The body scrub is still available this month because although I LOVE the sun, the skin on my arms and legs can get dry and flaky. And not only can you get this service, the products we use are available for sale. This way you can keep that new skin smooth feeling all the time. (And your pedi  person won't talk about your flaky legs).

The Tone & Glow series. Ladies, What is Up? Six 30 minute facials that will without a doubt, leave your face tighter than when you came in. And you get the Glow ampoules to use with each facial leaving one for you when it's all over.  You will look so good your friends will want to be you.

Finally, The Bars. Bumped up energy work. While other energy modalities charge the battery, (you) this will actually defrag your hard drive (brain). Leaving you with a sense of peace and space...hey, peace and space? You should get your bars run after the Chill Out facial.

We here at CURE are ALWAYS looking for ways to bring you our very best so that you can look and feel your very best.

Hope to see you soon, and remember you can book your appointments online at

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