Experience Hydration and Comfort Like Never Before with Westman Atelier’s Lip Suede Matte Lipstick

Experience Hydration and Comfort Like Never Before with Westman Atelier’s Lip Suede Matte Lipstick

What is Westman Atelier?

Hello there, beauty lovers! Have you heard of Westman Atelier? If you haven’t heard of them, you are definitely missing out! They are a renowned makeup brand that is making history in the cosmetics world. Westman Atelier is a luxurious brand that crafts its beauty products with high-quality ingredients, using innovative and creative formulations. CURE de Repos is so excited to announce that one of their most iconic products will now be available to buy in our store and on our website! If you love tying together your glam with the perfect lip look, we’ve got you covered with Westman Atelier's Lip Suede Matte Lipstick. Trust us when we say this lipstick is an absolute game-changer! 

Westman Atelier's exquisite collection doesn’t only include lipstick! They have achieved miracles with skincare-infused makeup, redefining the way makeup should treat your skin. From the smooth texture of their Vital Skin Foundation Stick, to the glow of their Super Loaded Tinted Highlighter, each product is crafted to consider the look and feel of your skin. Using clean, nourishing ingredients, Westman Atelier appreciates holistic beauty without compromise. 

Lip Suede Ingredients

The elements of the Lip Suede Matte Lipstick is a true testament to Westman Atelier’s commitment in creating clean beauty products that are nourishing. Formulated with a blend of healthy ingredients, this lipstick not only produces vibrant and radiant color when transferred onto lips, but also provides essential care. With the addition of hyaluronic acid in three different sizes, Lip Suede ensures the utmost hydration, attracting moisture to smooth your lips for a fuller appearance. The ingredient kaolin clay works to create the “matte” look while preventing any smudging or feathering, ensuring a flawless finish that lasts throughout the day. Meadowfoam extract takes most of the credit for providing deep nourishment and sealing in the moisture. Peptides also lend their support by promoting natural collagen production, which effectively plumps the lips and softens fine lines for a youthful look. To top it off, Vitamin C and E bring antioxidant properties that offer protection against the environment, while conditioning the lips for a healthy and radiant appearance. With the interplay of these ingredients, Westman Atelier's Lip Suede Matte Lipstick not only enhances your beauty but also cares for your lips' health and well-being.

How Should I Use it?

The application process for the Lip Suede collection is both flexible and effortless! Simply glide the lipstick directly onto your lips firmly for a more pigmented and bold look. If the pigment is too vibrant, you can blot it down with a tissue to make it have a subdued, stained appearance. For a softer overall look, tap the color first onto your fingertips, and then onto your lips, and blend it gently for a natural finish. 

Each shade in the Lip Suede collection can also double as a creamy blush! Do so by dabbing a small amount onto your cheeks, from the bullet or your fingertip, and blend the pigment for a flush of color that ties your entire look together! However, It's important to note that these lipsticks are not intended for use on the eyelids. With an easy-to-use application process and multi-functional abilities, Westman Atelier's Lip Suede Matte Lipstick Collection empowers you to express your unique style with ease and confidence!

Thoughts From Gucci Westman

Fun fact! Did you know that Gucci Westman is the creator of Taylor Swift’s iconic red lip look? Gucci, the founder of Westman Atelier, shares her enthusiasm for the Lip Suede collection, admiring its lightweight and hydrating formula. She describes it as "light as a feather and as hydrating as a balm," highlighting its effortless application and luxurious feel on the lips! With just one application swipe, the lipstick gives a full, cushiony, saturated color that lasts throughout the whole day, feeling just as great as it looks with its hydrating properties. 

The versatility of the Lip Suede collection, according to Gucci Westman, is what truly sets it apart from other lipsticks. She talks about how each shade can be personally customized for individual styles and preferences, using the pigment on both the lips or even the cheeks! She says to, “Sweep on color straight from the bullet, blot it down, tap it on with a fingertip, or dab a little extra on cheeks. Every single shade can be customized to look like you.” Gucci also delves into some tips and tricks for using the Lip Suede! She says if your lips are feeling a little dry before applying that, “a quick and gentle exfoliation with a warm towel, followed by a bit of lip balm, is always a great prep before color. Let it sink in for a few minutes, and you’re ready to go!” For more advice, visit here to learn from Gucci herself.

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