My Happy Place, Covid-19 and Skincare Part II By: Mary E. Grzywinski L.E., RN, MSN

My Happy Place, Covid-19 and Skincare Part II By: Mary E. Grzywinski L.E., RN, MSN CureDeRepos

Hey everyone! It’s been a month since I last wrote, and I have to say not much has changed in “my happy place”. I am still sitting here in my sun-room, the weather has gotten more consistently warmer over the past couple of weeks, so I haven’t needed to use my space heater as much. I have NOT made sourdough bread or homemade pasta, learned a language or instrument, reorganized my closets, basement or garage, sewn Covid masks, knitted my friend’s wrap (that I could have finished by now), or even gotten chosen to be a medical volunteer to use my nursing skills to help in this pandemic. Yes, not even good enough to be a volunteer! Or at least, on a bad day that is what it feels like. On a good day, despite my lack of volunteer status and perceived “lack of productivity”, I am less weepy and have come to embrace my “self compassion boot camp”. That is what I am calling this time of quarantine for me. I know it sounds hokey, but truly... being my own worst critic comes naturally; since I haven’t become adept at a tangible skill, at least I am trying to work on something. 

SO......What have I been doing you ask?? Checking in with family and friends. Moving my body regularly, albeit, more slowly. Being more committed to mindfulness with the help of 10% Happier App. I cleaned and rearranged my sun- room and my husband and I cleaned and reorganized our lazy-Susan corner cabinet in our kitchen. Every time I open its door the uncluttered kitchen paraphernalia makes me happy. My 20yr son even commented how great it looks. Still watching Schitt’s Creek, again, but I’m only halfway through season 3 (why am I not done?). I have been watching webinars and Instagram live talks about LED light therapy, facial massage, skin barrier disruptions, microneedling, benefits of Vit A with Dr. Des Fernandes of Environ, oncology skincare, how microcurrant works, enzyme exfoliators, and Chrissy with her blow-out Babor sale and interview with Maya Crothers founder of Circcell Skincare; followed by a training with Maya so we will all be ready to share these wonderful skincare products with you once we re-open. CURE will be the first salon on the East Coast to carry this clean, performance based, environmentally sensitive skincare line. YEAH! 

All the while, I continue my skincare routine religiously. At the same time, a bit more aware of how my skin continues to react to the ‘normal wear and tear’ of quarantine life and my body’s hormonal fluctuations. After the last blog I incorporated Babor Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate: . It is a clear, light product, I put on after cleansing and toning. It definitely improved the hydration of my skin, but for me I still need some more moisture- yup.... I’m blaming it on hormones, and maybe using Babor Enzyme cleanser and Environ AHA Night cream, too often...?? (other possibly r/t other bad habits?) I should have listened to Chrissy’s first recommendation- get a cream, not serum. Hence, I’ve got Babor Selection Cream ready to go And.... We’re waiting for Circcell samples too!!! Happy Day! 

Life sends us ALL sorts of experiences, hardships, people, & opportunities; it’s the lessons we learn along the way that matter most. Have I given up the chocolate, cocktails and heated sun-room?? Nah, not everyday... but I’m learning to recognize what my skin tells me and to be more compassionate to myself. 

Stay home, wash your hands, use social distancing when outside, wear a mask in stores, support your local businesses and charities, who are doing meaningful work related to supporting those in need during this Covid-19 Pandemic and be kind to one another! Feel free to reach out to us with any skin care concerns or questions: 

We miss all of you and look forward to seeing you when it’s safe! Thanks for reading! 

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