Our Favorite Products to combat winter skin

Our Favorite Products to combat winter skin CureDeRepos

My first choice is BABOR limited Winter Protect Cream.  This cream is formulated for all skin types, however is geared towards skin types that need defense against harsh, cold weather conditions that may contribute to tight, dry skin.  This cream helps to alleviate those symptoms. The innovative COLD PROTECT shield and chicory root extract provide the skin’s barrier function a helping hand while compensating for lack luster, and minimal sun exposure by providing a smooth, fresh, and supple skin type.  This cream is also excellent for sensitive skin that is easily irritated by environmental influences.  Think LA MER and all the wonderful benefits for $90 USD.  STEAL

Adding BABOR ampoules under this cream is by far the most nourishing. 

During the day, I suggest the HYDRA PLUS ACTIVE FLUID. $31 for 7.  This is an intensive treatment that will act like a drink of water to quench that dry skin.  A high-grade complex of hyaluronic acid instantly gives the skin a fresh, hydrated appearance. 

At night, I suggest the ACTIVE NIGHT FLUID ampoules. $40 for 7.  These ampoules help to speed up the skin’s metabolism while sleeping.  This helps to energize, lift, firm and create micro-circulation which will benefit in a more youthful, vibrant skin type.  Active ingredients include- extracts of black algae, salix nigra bark (soothing), and black truffle.

BABOR does offer other creams that are not as emollient as the WINTER Protect Cream, which address hydration plus several other skin needs which can be found at CURE.


MEDER BEAUTY SCIENCE is an Exclusive Swiss line sold at CURE. The line is created with Swiss Apple stem-cells, and choc-full of peptides! To combat winter skin with this line I suggest three products. 

The first is The HYDR-FILL Concentrate. Hf4 $148.  This product is geared towards a dry-dehydrated and damaged skin.  Which reads to me as a skin type looking to protect against harsh environmental influences.  Active ingredients such as high percentage of hyaluronic acid of various molecular weights, act as different webbed layers that synthesis moisture into the cells.  Indian Tamarind is another ingredient which is a tree produced legume that brightens the complexion.

Next SOUS CREAM DERMA-FILL. Df6 $102. Is the cream I would recommend to layer with Hf4 for the ultimate hydration.  This cream is not emollient by any source of the imagination but is DEEPLY moisturizing.  Active ingredients packed full such as Hyaluronic acid and Ocean kelp extract which helps to hydrate, tone, and minimize pores with a smoothing affect.

Followed by a weekly mask regimen.  MASQUE HYDRA-FILL Hf5 $100/ pack of 5.  This sheet mask is like non-other! These specific sheet masks are formulated for dry, sensitive, irritated, dehydrated skin types.  Perfect to take along when traveling or use at home. Active ingredients hyloronic acid, mineral extract of deep sea water, seaweed extract, tranexamic ( helps with brightening skin/ hyperpigmentation) and thioctic acids (antioxidents), and skinasensyl (peptide reducing sensitivity)  prevent dehydration caused by air travel, climate change, and stress.  I love these masks.  They leave your skin plump, hydrated, and radiant.  They’re a total no brainer.

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