Refining Pores

Refining Pores CureDeRepos

The reason for large pores is the over-proportional production of sebum combined with a defect of the surface of the skin. Calloused skin cells clog the pores, the sebum accumulates inside and expand them. Once enlarged, they stay enlarged.

What to do

A regular visit at your cosmetician will improve your complexion as well as products regulating the production of sebum. Additionally you should use a peeling on a regular basis to refine the skins surface.

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The mattifying face lotion is ideal for oily or combined skin as well as to treat the t-zone area.

Balancing and intensively mattifying, as well as pore-refining, face treatment lotion with a very light consistency for combination and oily skin.
The result: Mattifies, refines the pores for a visible, balanced, even and matt appearance.

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