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As a successful Aesthetician and spa owner in Philadelphia, I know products can start to climb the “ridiculously high-OMG really” cost-ladder.  Not every consumer can or is willing to afford these outlandish prices.  Well, I am here to share a few of my favorites that won’t break your designer bag-piggy-bank fund and can be found online.

*BABOR Hydra-Plus Ampoules:  These mighty giants pack an active-punch filled with HA (Hyaluronic Acid) and other plant-based moisture that will quench the driest skin out there.  This product is packaged into a seven-day supply of ampoules which have been sealed off by fire into glass to keep the ingredients in the purest active form. Shipped from Germany, these active concentrates are to be used daily for seven days to see optimal results.  I LOVE this product for my client's aftercare when performing micro needling, reigning in at $29.95 / 1/16 fl. Oz. each.

*BABOR Thermal Spray:  The company has just re-launched this be-loved product from Aestheticians to Makeup Artists.  This thermal spray acts as a humectant to bind water to the skin, allowing for moisture application to adhere better and longer. It also gives a dewy glow as a finishing spray for makeup application. Rich in minerals, containing zero alcohol this product is a steal reigning in at $15.00 / 100ml.

*MEDER EN1 Travel cleanser: This cult-following line's travel cleanser is great for skin types that are mature, dry, or damaged (Rosacea). Probiotics and goats milk from Switzerland help to revive and calm the skin. Zac Posen has a few favs from this line so you may want to check them out! Reigning in at $30.00 / 50ml.

*ENVIRON Sebuspot: I love this little guy and keep it in my bag of tricks, actually each product I have mentioned, I keep in heavy rotation. This product hails from South Africa and is good for anyone who may breakout with a pesky blemish or two. Containing Tea-tree oil and niacinamide (very healing). Your unwanted visitor will be gone before you know it without that nasty drying effect, which can sometimes look worse. Reigning in at $30.00 / 10ml It's time to bid the blemishes adieu!
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