The Power of Massage Part 1

The Power of Massage Part 1 CureDeRepos

Massage, also known as Bodywork, is the physical, hands-on, touch of a massage therapist to client. The hands glide. Applying pressure and release of pressure, stimulating circulation, the nervous system, lymphatic system and the release of endorphins.

In our busy lives of raising a family, running errands, a job, massage is a moment of time for self-care. It gives you 60-90 minutes to relax and allow your self to be taken care of.  Recharge yourself to live more vibrantly.

We eat well, drink clean water, have good health care and exercise.Massage is the next step in maintaining and sustaining health.It promotes more self connecting [and decrease dis-ease].Bodywork brings a self awareness of enjoying life in a body.This is good.And, who knows, you may have that $1,000,000 idea as you let go to the experience.

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