Why Get A Spa Treatment?

Why Get A Spa Treatment? CureDeRepos

When you think of a facial or a massage what is the first thing that goes through your mind? Money, time, the place or maybe you think that you’re not the kind of person that gets “spa treatments”.  Oftentimes we don’t get a spa treatment because they seem like a luxury. So, we put everyone first and only get something when we absolutely need it or if someone gets you a gift certificate.  In other countries, men and women feel that it’s a necessity to take care of their skin or body. I had a teacher who came from Sri Lanka that said everyone in his family gets a massage once a week. From the smallest baby to the oldest. Once a week! European women get facials as part of their monthly routine. And forget about good home care with active products. Not to knock CVS but cosmeceuticals are a billion dollar plus industry here in the US and is not regulated very well. Now, the spa industry is changing into MedSpas. We can get a mani/pedi, Botox and filler. Oh my! I maybe old fashioned in my belief that beauty is only skin deep and a deep cleanse or Swedish massage will do the body good. Or that an hour of R&R can not only refresh my body but my mind as well. Or in a world where touch is going to be eliminated in favor of a machine and a good massage chair is just as good as a LMT (licensed massage therapist).

Spa treatments not only help your body feel good on the outside, they also help you on the inside. The benefits of a facial or a massage can last up to 6 weeks. Increased circulation, lymphatic fluids are moved, muscles are compressed and relaxed. Stress levels are reduced and serotonin levels are increased. Your mind can slow down and your breathing is deeper allowing for more oxygen to flow. For some people it’s the only time they can rest. Or for some they can just talk freely and laugh. Whenever we allow ourselves to receive, we rejuvenate; we slow down the aging process. It’s been proven that through gratitude we can actually start to reverse the signs of aging! Our bodies can then heal naturally, we see the world differently and that creates our wellbeing.

By giving to ourselves and our bodies we can start to feel better about the world around us. By reducing the stress in our life, we can start to change the way we act towards each other. By taking care of our body, we can live longer, stronger & more aware. Our skin protects our organs, our blood, our fluids and regulates our temperature. Shouldn’t we safeguard it?

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