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Byredo Eau de Parfum Gypsy Water 3.4 fl oz

Byredo Eau de Parfum Gypsy Water 3.4 fl oz


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Byredo creates luxury designer perfumes for both women and men. Their unique fragrances capture emotions and memories that unfold new notes as the scent wears throughout the day, creating an all-day sensory experience. Byredo's collection offers a range of alluring notes, including fresh florals, warm musk, spicy sandalwood, and the highest quality smoky woods.

The Gypsy Water fragrance is a tribute to the magnificent Romani culture, celebrating its exceptional traditions, personal beliefs, and unique way of life. It evokes a dream of a vibrant lifestyle, born of inherent nomadism and captures the passion of gypsy nights spent in the forest through the woody scents of pine needle and sandalwood, combined