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Swissline Age Intelligence Cell Shock Skin-Friendly Cleanser 150 ml

Swissline Age Intelligence Cell Shock Skin-Friendly Cleanser 150 ml

Swiss Line

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Clean, makeup remover, and refresh.

A soap-free cleanser that removes grime, oil, and impurities while minimizing redness and preserving the skin's pH balance.

It uses the same manufacturing processes as "micellar water" but is textured like a gel to produce a chic feeling that moisturizes and refreshes. Finally, it is applied like a traditional emulsion milk cleanser.

It is made with three moisturizing ingredients to hydrate, relax, and soothe the skin; amino acids to support skin strength; and lactic acid to balance the skin's microbiota and make the skin feel smooth to the touch. It applies like a traditional milk emulsion cleanser but, surprise has a gel-like substance.

Without soap and an irritant-causing alkaline pH, skin


  • Reduces sensitivity and keeps skin even
  • Ideal softness and suppleness of the skin 

Right for me

Texture: Gel
Concern :Dehydration Dull skin
Skin type: All skin types
Scent: Allergen-free fragrance


Apply the cleanser to dry skin by pouring a small amount into your hands' palms. To remove all the makeup, gently massage the face and the region around the eyes. Remove by rinsing off with running water or a sponge or cotton disk that has been wet.

Despite being a gel, the product won't foam, so it should be applied to dry skin. Using Skin-Friendly Cleanser with waterproof makeup is not recommended.