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Swissline Force Vitale Aqua-Pure Enzymatic Mask 75 ml

Swissline Force Vitale Aqua-Pure Enzymatic Mask 75 ml

Swiss Line

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An extremely creamy, non-drying mask that gently exfoliates skin problems using enzymes.

Papain is a natural proteolytic enzyme that breaks down dead skin cells without hurting good, living ones, giving skin a radiant appearance and a revitalized feeling. The crucial oxidation and degradation of sebum is addressed by the antioxidant capabilities of green tea extract and rosemary leaves.

Open pores appear to be reduced, and the skin feels balanced and purified with a more refined texture.



Thanks to proteolytic enzymes, papain exfoliates the skin gently but effectively.

Compared to other clays, kaolin absorbs excess sebum more gently.

The antimicrobial, antibacterial, and moisturizing characteristics of green tea and rosemary leaf extracts soothe the skin while leaving it soft, smooth, and comfortable.


Refreshing creamy mask texture

An issue: dull skin Blemishes oil management

Skin type: Combination Normal Oily

Smell: Mild flowery



Cleanse and pat dry skin before applying a small coating of the mask to the face and the area beneath the jawline, where flaws can also be seen. Do not touch your eyes. Rinse off with lukewarm water after leaving on for 10 to 15 minutes.

Application frequency varies based on skin condition. Up to three times per week for acne-prone, oily, or combination skin; once per week for impure skin with outbreaks.

As the papaya enzymes enter the skin, you can feel a slight tingling sensation. This lets you know that the mask is cleansing your skin rather than aggravating it.