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Swissline Force Vitale Aqua-Calm Cream 50 ml

Swissline Force Vitale Aqua-Calm Cream 50 ml

Swiss Line

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Calm, soothe, and cover up redness.

A silky, velvety moisturizer that provides optical color correction to cover up redness and calms sensitive and stressed skin.

Ceramides that fortify and enhance the condition of delicate or stressed skin are combined with herbal substances that soothe and reduce redness. Redness is less noticeable thanks to the addition of skin-friendly aqua-green pigments that adjust colors optically without leaving any masking behind.

Your skin will be wrapped in a comforting, paraben-free formula with a velvety, soft texture.


To provide a calming and soothing effect, several botanical extracts are combined.

An immediate and cumulative vasoconstrictive impact that has an anti-redness effect.

Ceramides' ability to restore elasticity and resilience results in strengthening.

deeply hydrating.


Rich, velvety soft cream is the texture.

Dehydration, sensitive skin, and stressed skin are issues.

Normal, dry, and sensitive skin types

Smell: Mild flowery


Apply in the morning and evening, either by itself or following the use of your Swissline serum. Apply Aqua-Calm CC Cream SPF 30 after for improved complexion correction and sun protection.