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Swissline Cell Shock 360° Anti-Wrinkle Eye Zone Serum 15 ml

Swissline Cell Shock 360° Anti-Wrinkle Eye Zone Serum 15 ml

Swiss Line

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A silky nectar reinforced with collagen, anti-dark circle components, and hyaluronic acid to mimic a beautiful eye region. Any eye cream's anti-aging properties are completed by the administration of this serum, which yields results that are essentially ageless. The formula of the eye serum offers three separate pathways for collagen repair by enhancing the skin's own collagen production, fortifying it, and safeguarding it. Hyaluronic acid improves the skin's density and resilience.


  • Fights lines and wrinkles around the eye contour.

  • Combats under-eye darkness.

  • Keeps the entire eye zone looking bright and fresh by balancing out tension and exhaustion.


Texture: Serum
Concern: Wrinkles, Dark circles
Scent: Signature perfume


Apply the serum every morning and/or evening over the entire eye zone and follow with the regular eye cream. It should not be used alone or instead of an eye moisturizer.