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Swissline Cell Shock The Swiss Cure Day & Night Ampoules 6 x 5ml

Swissline Cell Shock The Swiss Cure Day & Night Ampoules 6 x 5ml

Swiss Line

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An advanced 6-ampoule regimen that turns on the cycles of self-repair in older skin during times of stress and exhaustion. Fast, noticeable results are the ultimate luxury!

The Swiss Cure, consisting of 3 morning and three-night ampoules, discusses the circadian rhythm and the function of melatonin as a novel and exciting approach to combating wrinkles, elasticity loss, and dull skin while offering a healthy dose of luxury!

A veritable powerhouse of the highest quantities of popular skin-like Swiss substances. Every 4-6 months, the program's 30-day cure cycle can be repeated.



  • Reduces lines and wrinkles, while improving density
  • Brightens and addresses pigmentation unevenness
  • Re-sets the skin’s own rhythms, for optimal regeneration
  • Suits mature skins or those experiencing periods of stress and fatigue



Texture: Serum
Concern: Wrinkles, Aging, Stressed skin
Skin type: Mature, All skin types
Scent: Subtle floral


Use the Night Ampoules (golden spheres bottle) before bed and the Day Ampoules (rose bottle) in the morning.

In place of the normal serum, gently massage the face, neck, and décolleté. Apply a moisturizer next. If you keep using your serum, apply the ampoules first, then the serum, then the moisturizer.

When applied to the face, neck, and décolleté, each ampoule will last around 10 days; hence, a box of 6 ampoules (3 days and 3 nights) will provide a 30-day cure cycle. Restart using your serum as usual once the whole program has been completed.

When necessary, or after 4 to 6 months, another treatment should be started.